Simply Whey

We sell the highest quality New Zealand whey protein powder. Our whey is sourced from New Zealand grass-fed cows. New Zealand whey protein powder is rated as the best and quality whey protein powder as New Zealand cows aren’t injected with antibiotics or rBGH (growth hormone). All New Zealand cows grazed on natural grass, which is usually free of chemicals.

As our whey protein powder that is derived from the milk that is produced from the New Zealand cows, it does not contain any unwanted hormones, antibiotics and chemicals.

Simply Whey protein powder is produced using the most advanced processing methods. This ensures that the end product, which is the protein powder, is of highest quality. The methods used by the New Zealand dairy industry are world-class and are subjected to strict and stringent regulations, controls and checks.

Our whey protein powder has around 24g of protein, 2g of fat and 2g carbs per serving. Unlike other brands, Simply Whey protein powder does not contain fake protein. Also, it is does not contain any fillers, gums and unwanted stuff. Simply Whey protein powder only contains 100% new Zealand whey protein powder. The best thing about Simply Whey protein powder is that it tastes great, does not have a bitter after-taste and mixes instantly with water, milk and juice . In fact you can mix it with a teaspoon.

Our flavoured whey protein powder only contains the flavour and the sweetener to give it the great taste. Again, it does not contain any fake protein, gum, emulsifiers and fillers. We do not over-sweeten or over-flavour our protein powder, which means that you get more protein per serving when compared to other brands. Although our protein powder is only lightly flavoured, it still tastes great.

We sell our protein powder to individuals and wholesale it to personal trainers, gyms and food manufactures. Our customers love the taste, the great results (fat loss and building lean muscle), great customer service and the fast delivery.


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